DIY Wallet set, black

DIY Wallet -set, and you can do it! This set has everything you need to make your own high quality leather wallet.


Made in Finland

DIY -kit for a leather wallet. Comes with pre-cut and perforated parts for a leather wallet, thread, needles,
and sandpaper for finishing. Anyone can succeed with this DIY wallet kit, even if you are a beginner. Make a
gift for yourself and experience the feeling of success. Piece of cake! The parts of the leather wallet are
vegetable-tanned, high-quality leather, that patinates beautifully and is durable. The wallet can hold 4-6
credit cards, also suitable for storing cash.

How to do it:
1. Place the pieces in towards each other. Check that the holes meet and that the Torp Djupbäck logo is
facing right on the back of the wallet.
2. Sew the wallet all over, using two needles. Sew by turning the wallet from one side to the other. Follow
the example in the Gif image -video next to it (click image no. 3). Finish the sewing with a couple of
overlapping stitches. Cut the thread and melt the threads with a torch.
3. Finish if you want. Lightly sand the edges with sandpaper. Moisten the edges lightly with water, e.g.,
using a sponge. Rub with a hard material, e.g., a pencil, until the edges are shiny.

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