Torp Djupbäck leather products are made in a traditional style for the mobile lifestyle of the modern person. The products are made for everyday moments and everyday things, going shopping or going out with a dog. Small moments are significant and high-quality leather products bring a golden edge to everyday life. 

Torp Djupbäck represents timeless design with high-quality vegetable tanned leather that patinates in use. Patina is a hallmark of high-quality leather, especially brown leather has the richest and most beautiful patina. The leather will shape to match the wearer and the resulting patina is proof of the life lived and the sum of the memories. 

Torp Djupbäck products reflect authenticity, allowing the inner surface of the leather to be visible, while bringing roughness. The products are handmade and well-groomed, which is reflected in the finish and high-quality fittings.

Torp Djupbäck was born from persistence and the joy of working. The brand is named after the place where the products are designed and manufactured; in an old renovated croft. Inherited craftsmanship and tenacity that bends but does not break. Torp Djupbäck is dedicated to persistent people who enjoy doing and the memory of my father.

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